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Digital X-ray is one of the most valuable advances in dentistry in recent years. Dental x-rays are an essential part of a complete dental exam. X-rays provide valuable information to help doctors see what's under the gums, in the bone, in between the teeth and even inside the teeth. Digital x-rays utilizes a small digital sensor instead of traditional film x-rays. The digital x-ray image is immediately displayed on the screen for viewing, no chemical development is needed. The image can be enlarged, enhanced, optimized, fine tuned for superb detail.

Conebeam CT has changed the way dentist and patients see their dentition. It offers a 3D view into the patient's anatomy. It has helped with diagnosis and treatment and the decision making process. It's another way of giving our patients the best.


Dental digital x-rays for our patients:

  • Reduces the amount of radiation exposure to our patients.

  • Reduce patients' time at the dental office.

  • Ability to enhance the x-ray image for more accurate diagnosis.

  • Environmentally safe because no chemicals are used, no lead is disposed of.

  • Detecting and treating dental problems at an early stage, help save our patients time, money and discomfort.


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